renouf reboot?

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JMFT and Fuckhole are irreplaceable. However, in theory, would you like to see a Renouf reboot? New [evolved] music, some original members, some new members. Same great hair, same big dicks, no more girl pants.

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  1. I still have some of the old renouf files on my computer and still have those songs stuck in my head. I went to Avon and knew Jon through our families – would be awesome to hear those songs and more.

    1. That’s awesome Steve! We miss Jon very much. Glad to hear from you! We currently have our self-titled Renouf full length album available on all streaming platforms. We do also have plans to release our earlier full length album “Scattered & Broken” as well as a few various demo recordings from the early 2000s this upcoming winter.

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